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Why Unfollow Charlie?

“Who are you to tell me who to follow on twitter, you jerk?”

We do not intend to force anyone’s opinion, merely to present a case for why you might want to. If at the end you still wish to follow him, by all means, continue.

“Ok fine, I don’t have freaking hours to comb through your stupid blog, tell me now why anyone would want to unfollow Charlie Sheen?”

Our argument is five-fold. Here is a quick summation:

That is a summary of our argument against following Charlie Sheen on twitter. If any of them interest you, feel free to click the links or stay tuned, or peruse the blog. We are open to counter-arguments, as well. If none of these pique your interest, this probably isn’t the blog for you, and thank you for sticking with me to this point.

I hope a few of you, even if not interested in the above, still hang around or check in, as most of our posts are not about that person at all, but really about domestic violence and women’s issues in general, because that is something which actually affects real lives, a lot more than some celeb we’ll never meet. Have a happy twitter feed!



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