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Peers Help Teens Understand Relationships – T.E.A.R. July 28, 2011

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In just four weeks, I’ll be back to packing school lunches and sitting through rush hour with teenagers talking in the back seat as if I can’t hear them.  It’s one of the best ways to learn about who has a crush on the soccer player, which teachers are the least desirable to have for science, and who the biggest bullies are.  It’s a time I look forward to being the invisible entity, the parent of a teen who doesn’t share everything with mom.  I’ve yet to meet a teen who does.

With that in mind, and knowing that my daughter’s best friend is already dating, it’s time for me to start thinking about how to talk about healthy dating relationships.  We’ve already shared ideas about self-respect, self-esteem and friendships, but there’s always that fear in the back of my mind that some of those lessons will be lost during one of the most difficult and emotional phases of my child’s life. (more…)


Personal Story From Friend of unfollowcharlie April 1, 2011

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We were sent this heartbreaking, yet inspiring story by one of our dear unfollowcharlie friends and co-founders.

Please. If you are in a similar situation, please seek help. From a friend. From an expert. From family. From the police. From an anonymous source. Anyone.

Call 1-800-787-SAFE for immediate help.

I didnt share any personal stories in the last thread about my ex husband, but I will here. He thought that if he didnt hit me with his hands, it could not be called abuse. He would hit me with a bat, pans, break glass over my head. Lock me in closets. I had a 5 month old baby and was living far from home. When I left Modesto to live in TX I gave everyone my new address in Dallas. When we drove through Dallas, I realized we werent going to live there after all. When we got to our new place 3 hours past Dallas, it occurred to me I might be in trouble. The phone was locked with a code so I could not call anyone. I started stealing nickels and dimes from him so I could use the pay phone near the corner. I didnt want to steal quarters b/c I knew he would notice those missing. He also enjoyed doing this new thing called “digging a grave” where he had a tiny grave and a bigger grave dug out in the back yard. (more…)

Women’s History Wednesday: Pseudonymous Psisters March 30, 2011

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For this week’s Women’s History Wednesday, I am highlighting two lady writers from the 20s through the 40s who published under male pseudonyms.

To work in science fiction, fantasy and pulp, it was considered wise to use a male or androgynous name due to the target audience being pubescent males. In short the theory was (and somewhat remains) that boys won’t buy girl-books, but girls will buy boy-books, so it was more economically sound to put out male authors. Plus more boys buy books, so let’s go after that audience. Little mind that maybe more girls would have bought sci-fi / fantasy / pulp books had their been anything geared towards them.

Gertrude Barrows Bennett was the influential and well-regarded author of speculative and science fiction under the name “Francis Stevens.” She either invented, or popularized, depending on who you ask, the sub-genre of “dark fantasy.” (more…)

Women’s History Wednesday: Radiant Ladies of Science March 23, 2011

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For this edition of Women’s History Wednesday please stand back – I am going to try SCIENCE!

With all the talk in the news about radiation threats and nuclear disaster, I thought it would be nice to remember the ladies who contributed to our understanding of radiation. Most people have heard of Marie Curie, but do they remember her actual contributions? Let’s take a little moment.


Women’s History Wednesday: Shirley Chisholm, Remarkable Lady March 16, 2011

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So when Syd started this wonderful little blog, I asked myself what I could contribute. Because you guys really, I am pretty dumb. I don’t know a lot. I don’t know statistics, I haven’t researched personal stories.

I constantly find myself coming across stories or information, usually just as an aside, in an “and of course everyone knows about [thing Spork has never heard of before right now],” kind of way. So I bet a lot of this will be familiar to a lot of folks but maybe they’ll be one or two people for whom this is new information, and if you already knew it well a little reminder isn’t so bad, is it? Because I will pick awesome ladies to profile, ones who showed us just what a lady can do if she sets her mind to it.

So first up: Shirley Chisholm, one of the most remarkable ladies ever!


Women in the World Summit March 14, 2011

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Eleanor Roosevelt once said “The battle for the individual rights of women is one of long standing and none of us should countenance anything which undermines it.”

While admittedly the last few posts have been a little more grim, we wanted to also highlight some of the positive events in the women’s movement recently.  Because there are some pretty kick-ass women out there!

The Women in the World Summit took place between March 10 and March 12th.  The Daily Beast has a list of truly remarkable stories from the event.  Check out the interactive list of 150 Women Who Shake the World. (more…)