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“I’m following the social marketing experiment, doofus.” April 18, 2011

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By far the most overwhelming reasons people on twitter are giving for unfollowing Charlie Sheen (by a factor of 3 to 1 at least) are either: “You’re boring now,” or “all you do is promote your show.”

I feel these two are actually the same reason, and you could also toss in “You aren’t funny [anymore or ever].” These are all aspects of what a few have picked up on: this is now a publicity machine. And publicity machines are boring. And phony.

You’re not a stooge, twitter-verse. You can see what this clown is selling now, can’t you? Even if they aren’t articulating it, people are definitely sensing the calculated tone here. When this whole thing first started, many people lauded the “social marketing experiment” going on here. And at first, I guess I was curious too. But the tone changed very quickly. It went from a few interviews going viral, to 2 million followers, to a few efforts at being entertaining/crazy/goofy/fun interaction online, to immediately:

“You have 2, now 3 million followers on twitter – how can we turn that into money?” (more…)


“I don’t have time for this, what is your deal, UnfollowCharlie?” April 2, 2011

Posted by thesporkgirl in Why Unfollow Charlie?.
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“Who are you to tell me who to follow on twitter, you jerk?”

We do not intend to force anyone’s opinion, merely to present a case for why you might want to. If at the end you still wish to follow him, by all means, continue.

“Ok fine, I don’t have freaking hours to comb through your stupid blog, tell me now why anyone would want to unfollow Charlie Sheen?”

Our argument is five-fold. Here is a quick summation:

  • Foremost, he has an extensive, 20+ year history of domestic violence. He has plead guilty to it, and there is photographic evidence. Some of it has been extremely recent, and we don’t understand how there are still people who don’t know about it. The media keeps curiously glossing over this part. Here is the blog with more details on that: http://wp.me/p1qbZi-23. (more…)

“But it’s funny, you sourpuss” (Paraphrased) March 31, 2011

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The third most common contrary reaction I hear when people learn about #Unfollowcharlie, after “He’s not hurting anyone but himself,” and “I just want to watch the trainwreck,” is “But it’s funny.”

I understand that this is the hardest argument to counter. Humor is subjective. I understand that. So take this with a rather large grain of salt, when I ask, “Is it, really?” (more…)

“I don’t ‘support’ him, I just want to watch the trainwreck, you killjoy.” (Paraphrased) March 29, 2011

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Rebuttal #1 was to the argument that “He’s not hurting anyone but himself.” to which I answer, “Yes, he has, and is still,” in this blog post: http://wp.me/p1qbZi-23 The second most common contrary reaction I hear is along the lines of “Let’s make some popcorn and watch this trainwreck!!” Although to ME the history of violence aspect of this is of supreme importance, maybe for you it’s not, and I get that. So let’s set aside all the issues of domestic violence entirely, let’s imagine this is something less dangerous, more self-contained, as if he were only going to hurt himself.

My reaction to that could simply be summed up, “Why?” Look, I get it, there is schadenfreude. That is a thing. But please consider a little empathy. If your sibling, or best friend, were in the throes of either untreated bipolar disorder or severe drug addiction, whichever the case may be (or both, or something else entirely), would you really want people salivating, staring, waiting for them to display another episode, for their own entertainment? (more…)

“He’s not hurting anyone, get a life, harpy!” (Paraphrased) March 25, 2011

Posted by thesporkgirl in Domestic Abuse, Substance Abuse, Why Unfollow Charlie?.

I thought I’d take a moment here to address some of the more common rebuttals I read/hear when talking about UnfollowCharlie. I want you guys to know, I don’t begrudge you your entertainment.

If a person really is fully aware of what is going on here now with Charlie Sheen, and what has happened in his recent and more distant past, and still want to watch the train wreck, or mock him or genuinely enjoy him, then by all means, that is your right. “Unfollow Charlie” is a suggestion, not a command.

Rebuttal #1: “He’s not hurting anyone, get a life, harpy!” (paraphrased). Right now? Today? I mean it’s early in the day, and he has hurt many people in his life, I’d say the odds of him hurting someone are significantly proportionally higher than the general population’s. This is one I hear from people who honestly forgot or even honestly never heard of Charlie Sheen’s history of violence. To recap:

1990: Shoots Kelly Preston accidentally in the arm. (Years later, with no corroboration and seemingly out of thin air, he claims in a radio interview that the gun shot her when she picked up his dirty pants doing laundry, the gun having been in the pocket. Please spare me, that is not how guns work. And if that is what happened, I do not believe Kelly Preston ever would have allowed “Charlie Sheen accidentally shoots fiancé Kelly Preston” to go uncorrected.)  EDIT:  May 7, 2011 – we’ve now seen the links to video where Kelly confirmed that this is what happened after several years of silence on the issue.  We are glad the shooting was not deliberate  – Syd (more…)