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Joe Biden is a Rockstar (or, the Violence Against Women Act) July 17, 2011

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In 1994, Bill Clinton signed into law what The National Organization for Women described as “the greatest breakthrough in civil rights for women in nearly two decades”, The Violence Against Women Act, also known as VAWA. VAWA was drafted by Delaware’s own then-Senator now-Vice President (not bad) of the United States, Joe Biden. It provided $1.6 billion to enhance investigation and prosecution of violent crimes perpetrated against women, imposed automatic and mandatory restitution on those convicted, and allowed civil redress in cases prosecutors chose to leave unprosecuted. (more…)


#unfollowcharlie but not just that March 28, 2011

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my friend started this site as a response to the #unfollowcharlie effort, but that was just a catalyst. she had been talking about doing something to help victims of domestic violence* and was formulating that plan before all of the hype flooded the media.

* you know, “victims of domestic violence”, while true, is no banner to wear. ‘survivor’ sounds better, more empowering I think, but I’d like a better description.

when she was talking about her plans and ideas, i offered support while not really knowing how i could help. the first thing that sprang to mind were a couple horrible events that occurred involving satellite members of my family (i say satellite to refer to third cousins, relatives by marriage, et cetera and so forth) and i’ll get to those stories in a moment. the second thing that occurred to me was how sad i felt about the state of the male psyche that could push a man to look at a woman as a possession and do such horrible things to her. and then i got angry and saw the red neon WOMEN ARE NOT PROPERTY flashing in my head. (more…)