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What is this all about, anyway?

Glad you asked!  While we have covered this briefly in our Welcome post, we figured we should probably go into more detail. 

For your reading pleasure, please find a little FAQ below:

1.  How did UnfollowCharlie start, anyway?

On March 7th, a bunch of us were discussing the media coverage around Charlie Sheen, and his growing fanbase, despite the fact that he has a history of violence towards women.  And we pretty much thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we started using the #unfollowcharlie when we tweet anything tomorrow, in honor of International Women’s Day?”.  And that was the beginning.

2.  What’s the point of this website?

We want to raise awareness.  It sounds so earnest, but we truly want to get the word out, whether it’s providing you with statistics about domestic violence across the globe, or highlighting particular organizations that are out there fighting the good fight.  We’ll be providing links for events, resources, other websites.  And we also love women, so we’ll be writing about women out there who are kicking ass, or Spork will highlight some great women from our past.    The website is in its infancy right now, as you can tell – so we hope and expect it to grow organically, and just go along for the ride.

3.  Who are you?

A bunch of girls and guys who want to raise awareness for domestic violence.  You want demographics?  We’re from all over the world – from Australia, to England, to all over the US.  On this website, the names you’ll see most often are probably going to be Syd, Spork, or Kelly, but we have contributors from all over.  Kate and Ruth contribute quite a bit, and we are always happy to have new contributors.  Don’t be shy!

4.  So why not call yourself something else, if this site isn’t about Charlie Sheen?

Well, it’s a nod to how we got started.  Will this name always remain?  Unlikely.  Like the website itself, we know the name will change as well.   To what?  Well, we’ll keep you posted.

5.  So, you don’t wish ill on Charlie Sheen?

Absolutely not.  We hope he gets well.  (We do, however, hope that he never raises a hand against a woman ever, ever again).

6.  Where can we find you?

Follow us on Twitter @unfollowcharlie.  We also have a Facebook page – so please feel free to join and become a fan.

You can also email us at any time at unfollowcharlie at  gmail dot com.

7.  Are you making any money from this?

Nope.  We do have merchandise available on Zazzle, but all profits go to RAINN.



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