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Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men August 22, 2011

Posted by Kate in Domestic Abuse.
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Bancroft, a former codirector of Emerge, the first U.S. program for abusive men, and a 15-year veteran of work with abusive men, reminds readers that each year in this country, two to four million women are assaulted by their partners and that at least one out of three American women will be a victim of violence by a husband or boyfriend at some point in her life. His valuable resource covers early warning signs, ten abusive personality types, the abusive mentality, problems with getting help from the legal system, and the long, complex process of change. After dispelling 17 myths about abusive personalities, he sheds light on the origin of the abuser’s values and beliefs, which he finds to be a better explanation of abusive behavior than reference to psychological problems. Bancroft extends his approach to problematic gay and lesbian relationships as well, making the book that much more useful and empowering.

He touches on the following theme repeatedly in this book.  The abuser is seeking to CONTROL his partner due to a feeling of ENTITLEMENT.  He cites examples of this from his 15 years of treating abusers.  He also discounts the idea that abusers suffer from mental illness and says that the problem comes from the values and ideas of what the abuser thinks about women.

I begin training with my local women’s abuse center in September and this book was given to me as part of the program.  It is essential reading to understand the crux of the problem.  This book is available for purchase through Amazon by clicking here.



1. runningthriver - August 22, 2011

So glad to have found your blog. Thank you for speaking out.

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