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An app for Teen Dating June 27, 2011

Posted by Alicia in Teenage Relationships.
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A new app is available for smartphones which has a wealth of information to help teens recognize unhealthy dating relationships, ways to get help, and how to help others.  td411, or teen dating information, was developed by the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence with a $45,000 grant from the state.  The Coalition organized twenty teen focus groups to give their input about the design and content of the app.   The Institute for Community Research in Hartford and the Center for Youth Leadership in Norwalk worked with the Coalition to develop content that appeals to teens at the appropriate developmental level.

The app has colorful post-it-note style headings (Ur Relationships & U, Helpin’ u out, Do ur Part, and Interactive Fun) which have subheadings designed on a notebook background.  Under the heading “Ur relationships and U” the technology subsection has ten warning signs followed by videos to raise awareness about cell phone misuse and the consequences of sexting.  The subsection “Helpin’ u Out”  has concise lists of rights and responsibilites and a pledge for respecting oneself and others.  The app encourages teens to think about their values and boundaries and focuses on how to adhere to them.

When teens click on “Doin’ Ur Part,” they will learn what to do and say to help a friend, how to help in their community, and what resources they can seek out to learn more.  The final section, “Interactive Fun.” has videos to view, empowering mp3 songs to download, and a place to read and share teen stories about relationships.

Any information can be kept confidential by entering a password, including contacting the coalition for help.  Teens have been using the app since its release in May of this year and have been tweeting their friends to spread the word.  You can view the app and download it at: td411



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