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CDC’s Role in Intimate Partner Violence Prevention June 1, 2011

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The Center for Disease Control is the primary federal agency charged with preventing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).  The CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (Injury Center) was established in 1992 to lead injury and violence prevention efforts. The field of injury and violence prevention is relatively young when compared to other areas of public health, but the burden of injury and violence coupled with the enormous cost of these problems to society make them a pressing public health concern.

CDC’s violence prevention activities are guided by four key principles:

  • An emphasis on primary prevention of violence perpetration. CDC emphasizes efforts that prevent violence before it occurs. CDC focuses on reducing the factors that put people at risk for perpetration while increasing the factors that protect people from becoming perpetrators of violence.
  • A commitment to a rigorous science base. Monitoring and tracking trends; researching risk and protective factors; rigorously evaluating prevention strategies, programs and policies; and learning how best to implement them adds to the base of what is known about violence and how to prevent it.
  • A cross-cutting perspective. Public health encompasses many disciplines and perspectives, making its approach well-suited for examining and addressing multifaceted problems like violence.
  • A population approach. Part of public health’s broad view is an emphasis on population health and not just the health of individuals. Violence is experienced acutely by individuals but its consequences and potential solutions affect society in general.

CDC’s strategic direction for intimate partner violence prevention is promoting respectful, nonviolent intimate partner relationships through individual, community, and societal change.

For information on the CDC Delta Program, click here.

For the CDC Fact Sheet on IPV, click here.

For the CDC School Curriculum “Choose Respect”, click here.



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