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“He’s not hurting anyone, get a life, harpy!” (Paraphrased) March 25, 2011

Posted by thesporkgirl in Domestic Abuse, Substance Abuse, Why Unfollow Charlie?.

I thought I’d take a moment here to address some of the more common rebuttals I read/hear when talking about UnfollowCharlie. I want you guys to know, I don’t begrudge you your entertainment.

If a person really is fully aware of what is going on here now with Charlie Sheen, and what has happened in his recent and more distant past, and still want to watch the train wreck, or mock him or genuinely enjoy him, then by all means, that is your right. “Unfollow Charlie” is a suggestion, not a command.

Rebuttal #1: “He’s not hurting anyone, get a life, harpy!” (paraphrased). Right now? Today? I mean it’s early in the day, and he has hurt many people in his life, I’d say the odds of him hurting someone are significantly proportionally higher than the general population’s. This is one I hear from people who honestly forgot or even honestly never heard of Charlie Sheen’s history of violence. To recap:

1990: Shoots Kelly Preston accidentally in the arm. (Years later, with no corroboration and seemingly out of thin air, he claims in a radio interview that the gun shot her when she picked up his dirty pants doing laundry, the gun having been in the pocket. Please spare me, that is not how guns work. And if that is what happened, I do not believe Kelly Preston ever would have allowed “Charlie Sheen accidentally shoots fiancé Kelly Preston” to go uncorrected.)  EDIT:  May 7, 2011 – we’ve now seen the links to video where Kelly confirmed that this is what happened after several years of silence on the issue.  We are glad the shooting was not deliberate  – Syd

1995: Is sued by a college student who claims he hit her after she refused him sex. He settles out of court.

1996: Pleads no contest to battery for beating the crap out of Brittany Ashland. He smashed her face repeatedly into the floor, she needs to be hospitalized.

2002-2008: Denise Richards claims he was verbally and physically abusive during their marriage, often in front of their children. (Example: “shoved her to the ground and screamed, ‘I hope you f–king die, bitch.’”)

2009: Assaults his wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas day. He held a knife to her throat and choked her. He pleads guilty to assault in this incident.

October 2010: Capri Anderson locks herself in the bathroom after Sheen flies into a rage, trashing a hotel room, screaming at her, and allegedly grabbing her by the throat and throwing a lamp at her. All because he could not find his wallet. He voluntarily checked himself into a hospital after this incident. Note, his children were in an adjacent room at the time of this incident. He later texts her, offering to wire “20k if u think that will cover everything…” This matter is presently unresolved.

Sources: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/celebrity/charlie-sheen-divorce-bombshellhttp://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/celebrity/charlie-sheen-divorce-bombshell






Please understand, that for me personally, if this were an adult man filling himself up with drugs, having lots of consensual sex (even with sex workers, as long as it is consensual), and saying crazy things for a lark, I would truly, honestly, not have anything to say about it. That would be his business. This is simply not the case here. He is a violent man. These are not all (or even mostly) old incidents. They are recent and ongoing. Since he has taken no steps to change the situation, I am forced to conclude that it is extremely likely something like this will happen again.

The media seems to be often glossing over this history (again some very recent). Piers Morgan’s interview was laughably softball. Entertainment news programs are designed to be peppy and “up” so if they mention this at all, it is with a kind of “devil-may-care” attitude. I have come across people who had no idea, and I can understand how that happened. So that is one of the main reasons we started UnfollowCharlie. But if you are aware of all this, and other things that I will illuminate in later posts, about his drug addiction and possible mental illness, and still feel perfectly comfortable following him on twitter, or paying to see one of his shows, then by all means. It is not my cup of tea. I do not understand it, but then again I do not understand why “The Lockhorns” comic strip is still in the papers either. Tastes vary.

Postscript: If you are reading this to show someone else who might not know the above, I recommend this link: http://bit.ly/djjR23 Quick slideshow of Charlie Sheen’s history of violence.



1. R.J. Fico - March 25, 2011

I take serious the issue of Domestic Violence and I, too, am appalled by some of the Charlie Sheen’s current remarks and antics towards women. As I had iterated on numerous occasion I see the same pathology in Charlie Sheen as I do in O.J. Simpson – in which, I was drawn into the OJ. Simpson case early on, perhaps by the hands and will of God. Yes, I was chosen as a Messenger – and as such, I will provide what I have been given and do whatever I can, to help further the awareness and remind those of the severity of Domestic Violence, of self-serving Arrogance, of Misogyny, of Selfishness and Greed and of Ill-will toward others. I commend the stance you had taken and understand what you are trying to accomplish.You, too, my friend had been given the role of Messenger.

2. Pollypureheart - March 31, 2011

Oh please! Spare me the religious claptrap and why is it EVERY time a white male is under fire some a-hole has to throw a black male face under the bus?! Not today chuckles! Either we are going to take this issue seriously are we AREN’T but all of this playing games selective persecution racism disguised as moral outrage needs to stop! People white people especially can not keep trying to have it both ways either everyone gets it or nobody gets it. Present company is excluded because I’m really starting to like this website and I love that you all take all parties to task and don’t only attack ‘certain’ people like most blogs and websites.

3. Pollypureheart - March 31, 2011

And I agree it pisses me off how cavalier people are towards this punk and his behavior. I have felt from day one his shooting Kelly was no accident especially since right around that time she was leaving him for John Travolta. I think that scumwad was pointing it at her and it went off he is a lowlife and gets off on terrorizing women while hypocritcal dummies make millions of excuses and the media treats his disgraceful behavior like it’s a joke. The same people mind you who are so holier than with Tyson or Chris Brown.

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