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Welcome March 10, 2011

Posted by Syd in What We're Up To.

Hi everyone and welcome to the temporary site for unfollowcharlie.com.

Earlier this week, we started the #unfollowcharlie movement on twitter. We were discussing the media coverage of his activities, and his record-setting number of followers on Twitter and his growing fan base, despite the fact that he has a history of abusing and threatening women, and it was well, disgusting, to say the very least.  So, we took to our twitter accounts.  In Celebration of National Women’s Day, we wanted people to just #unfollowcharlie.  It seemed so appropriate.  And our little campaign took off, with retweets in Brazil, Australia, England and across the US.    You can read more about this at the Village Voice blog.

And then came the question of:  What next?  While we saw his numbers decrease slightly during the day, in the end, they increased. So do we give up?  No.  Because at this point, it’s not about Charlie Sheen anymore.  We’ve decided to make the #unfollowcharlie movement about something more important – raising awareness for domestic violence.

Is this a new or novel idea? Of course not.  There are several excellent organizations out there (which we will be linking to in future posts over the next couple of hours, and throughout the weekend.)  We’re also going to provide you with a lot of frightening and depressing statistics – and that will just be about the domestic violence that has actually been reported.

Our goal here at unfollowcharlie is to provide resources and information about domestic violence across the globe.  Here is where we could use your help.  Write in – give us statistics about how things are by you.  Are their local organizations that deserve some attention?  Let us know.    We will have a lot to say over the next few days, but we want to give you all a voice, too.   What do you want to hear about?  We have received a vast amount of information already, but really, can you raise too much awareness?

Please #unfollowcharlie tomorrow.

Thank you.



1. spork - March 11, 2011

i am very excited about this!

2. Megan Dailey - March 11, 2011

Good job gals (and any guys who are helping). I will do my best to continue to get the word out about #unfollowcharlie

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